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Video and Photography Advertising

We offer audiovisual solutions involving Photography and video production of advertsisments on Television, Radio, Documentary, online branded content or 2D & 3D Animation commercials

Media Buying , Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Develop and manage paid campaigns to help businesses reach their target audience. We ensure that you generate paying customers through your social media pages or website

Influencer Marketing and Management

We connect brands to a diverse database of African creators, unleashing the power of digital marketing. We charge 20% - 40% to Launch an Influencer program.

Large Format Printing & Billboard placement

We provide printing and outdoor advertising services such as billboards, hoardings,3D signs, Roller banners,street light advertising, Shop branding, Vehicle branding, Window graphics, bus shelters and bridge branding.

Social Media Marketing & SEO Optimization

Build an engaged audience and increase traffic through search engine optimization, contet marketing on digital plartforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok while using A/B testing to optimize campaigns

Website & App Development

Create effective yet visually appealing websites or mobile applications that help businesses convert potential leads to customers. We also provide hostig solutions for secure database storage and assist in managing the web applications.

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TV Advertising & Casting

MYDAWA is Kenya's First Registered Online Pharmacy. Its very Convenient and a guarantee of medical assistance when filling in your prescription. Be assured of the quality of the products.

Marketing Consultancy

Eva Cosmetics is an Egyptian personal care brand, with 100+ years experience. They offer a wide range of hair and skin solutions balancing technology and natural ingredients.

Paid Advertising & Leads

WoodChem Traders Limited is a registered supplier specializing in the harvesting, treatment, and supply of fencing posts, construction poles and utility posts across Kenya.

Web Development & App Build

Samawati increases the accessibility and participation of wellness focussed activities. They help you prevent chronic diseases, mental resilience and reduce cost of healthcare.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Celly Homes offers fully furnished 1 & 2 Apartments in the slopes of Mount Kenya Meru county. They specialize in property selling and short term house leasing to tourist or local residence.

Marketing & Web Assistance

Grass International - Kenya is a leading provider of premium health products, dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their wellness goals and live healthier, happier lives

TV Advertising & Casting

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited is one of the the best banking solutions in Kenya and is licensed to do the business of banking under the Banking Act of Kenya

Internal Payroll System

UNIDOR is a Christian based non-governmental organization focused on providing multi-sectoral humanitarian relief services to the hard-to-reach-areas of South Sudan.

Graphic Design Consultancy

Makfix specialize in providing printing and branding services tailored to each brand. Services include vehicle branding, billboards & general outdoor printing solutions.


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